Monday, June 12, 2006

a different angle on a snow day

yesterday morning, left home at 7 to make it to work on time. didn't take much longer than usual, considering it was snowing fairly heavily - would have said blizzarding if i had never been to wyoming.

work started pretty busy but under control, all hands on deck, and everyone seemed on top of things. but as the weather moved up the country, and auckland's power outage had it effects, our little bit of crazy went beserk.

finally took lunch, having forgotten morning break entirely, which i got a wee lecture for (which is a good sign really) but never finished it all (there's still a cup of soup in the fridge... ah well, dinner tonight.)

had 40-something messages waiting for me on the answermachine much of the day, and i was constantly clearing them, calling people back or whatever they needed.

2.30 rolled by and the snow that was meant to ease at midday hadn't. 2 of the customer service girls (my job too) live an ickle way out of town so left at 3 and just after. another had come in earlier but disappeared from her desk for most of the afternoon and only came back at four ish, feeling terrible, burning up, and going home. so it was just me, fifty messages and a week of middling experience to answer them. then the 2 in admin started helping. four thirty rolled by and i thought about leaving. then i thought about the other 40 messages.

should have gone when i was meant to cause the emergency phone started going. i answer ' you've reached the emergency phone, have you got a gas leak or explosion?' and get 'no, but you've got crap service' and i'll stop quoting the bastard there. just got better after that and thank god kay sent me packing at five.

drove home with snow slowly freezing itself to the sides of my windows, so drove carefully. realised that idiots are still idiots in icy conditions. but made it home alive. and luuk made it over, alive, after he finished work. he lifted me up significantly actually, cause, though he hasn't put it on his page yet, he got another new job! he's only been at his new one a week and now he's been poached for his brilliance to a bit of a dream team by the sounds of it. spent evening reading 'once were warriors' while he finished 'hamlet' and then, with our powers combined, made berry-apple crumble for everyone and recieved various declarations of love from the whanau. watched 'grey's anatomy', which i am rather fond of, and luuk went home to call his folks (such a good boy, sometimes... ;) )

slept like a baby, was so exhausted from go-go-go brain day. perhaps 'once were warriors' was the wrong choice for last night - from my list of young adults fiction to read by the end of the month. maurice gee might have been a bit easier going. i get ridiculously involved in stories and even luuk noticed i was looking sad when i was reading it. so he cheered me up. i think i'll keep him on...

back to the books. and going to untouched world, so... bon apetite! and just plain benissimo! for the coffee, frankly.


Blogger Kiwirose said...

babe, am so glad we are in the same country again!
talk to you soon

5:26 am  

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