Tuesday, January 11, 2005

friends rule, boys drool

ho hum. sitting at work beside fanatical solitaire player and postphoning doing my italian homework, colour-ordinating my skittles and sipping luke warm coffee hoping it kicks my head ache. might need another cup.

if all else fails at least i have fantastic music. my oldest bestest friend made me up a cd. don't worry, be happy. i get knocked down but i get up again. i'm no superman (the theme from 'scrubs'! fancy that) and at some point, girls just wanna have fun.

ooh, so sleepy. thinking about that second cup of coffee, but 2 in half an hour is not a good habit to get into in the first hour of my shift.

hehe, my fanatical solitaire-playing friend has downloaded a tomandjerry screensaver. yay for silliness! the hellokitty one kinda sucked though. and the words in french at the end went away too fast... actually, considering my french i probalby never would have figured it out.

i gave into the temptation of caffiene. i'm feeling very silly, half a packet of skittles and coffee later... probably won't help much with my italian study, but my solitare-playing friend is entertained.

mommamia let me go! sorry bohemian rhapsody moment.

woohoo, won the solitaire race! this is such a cruisy job. right... back to work. well, italian study. close enough