Saturday, September 30, 2006


hehe, mum is hooked to sudoku, and has several papers with them - and is cheating because she has the next days one there. i just confiscated it. hehe

this is the moral example i've been brought up with.

so, recently, have been feeling the pressure. well, i go through 2-dayly cycles, or something.
i feel on top of things, mellow and in control, and get a little work done, not enough, but some.
then i feel panicked and overwhelmed, and like luuk is the only thing keeping me going and looking forward to summer, and luuk in summer...


things i'm looking forward to:
- next weekend: luuk's up to something. and he's going to be doing less webpage work so i'll have him a bit more :)
- completeing my 10 000 word assignment
- labour weeknd - day off!
- luuk's birthday - day off!
- show weekend - day off! (well, perhaps) - and camping
- painting and sketching loads once i've got no more uni work to do... guess what you're getting for christmas.
- christmas
- trip north around christmas
- new years trip - yet to be organised, but currently under speculation
- january : work and leisure - no study!
- february : starting teacher training and finishing at work (by which time i'll be ready to leave i imagine - it's hardly my calling, but good money in the meantime)

- and all the rest. it's really just the next 3 weeks i'm loathing.
mainly getting up tomorrow right now - daylight savings started early thismorning. so it'll feel like i'm leaving home at 6am. haven't done that since i used to go to biblestudy at crazy hours... what was i thinkin?
probably fancied some guy who might have been going or something. daft girl i was.


too much coffee and chocolate today. was fine until dad said he'd bring me coffee - and he brought coffee beans. so instead of makin another cup of coffee, which i didn't need anyway, i melted a dozen chocolate buttons, mixed in a dozen coffee beans, and chilled it... :)

only ate a third. that was too much. drunk quite a lot of water since then. in fact, toilet break time. then dinner. tata