Monday, November 08, 2004

a message from a slack blogger

two months since my last blog!

sheesh. well, much has happened. but SO can't be bothered rehashing, despite dramatic nature of it all.

today, have been lady of leisure. but useful too! worked on long running novel co-written with a friend. also fine wined and dined. or student flatters version of fine wining and dining:

salad - lettuce, avocado, tomato and yummy dressing
pasta and chicken with tomato and red wine sauce
half a glass of merlot
gilmore girls (don't worry, i didn't eat them, just consumed the goodness of it all)

so long-dormant novel is moving again! very good and hopeful and exciting!

meanwhile own lovelife is confusing and exhausting and not worth my time or energy - although the subject of it unfortunately is very lovable so i still think he's worth my time and energy... grr. if love were a choice who would choose such exquisite pain? - smart movie writer of script 'based' on entirely different story.

but novel is back on track. and my other one that i'm writing on my own is still being tapped away at.

can make more christmas cards and read 'mean are clams, women are crowbars' and work on solo novel tonight. first must do housework before mum goes nuts.