Thursday, August 17, 2006

looking up, getting warm

am moving at a fairly smart pace these days, barely time to stop (even skipped half of ER -- very strange) but everything seems to be getting better.

studies: finishing with a half-reasonable mark seems possible, and in the not too far distant future either - whew!

summer is getting closer - the weather is warmer in the fine patches (still bollocking cold at night and horribibble when it storms and rains but it could be worse) and its 2 weeks till spring - getting closer to warm then hot, and holidays (or, in my version, 28hours a week of an office job that is busy in bad weather - so, easier in the summer - and 4 full half days a week to tan and read and write and paint and exercise and see people more.)

and work means money, which means i can enjoy my time off more :)
also, highly likelihood of going up to the mighty waikato for christmas - which means more food than you can bark a dog at (love Aunty Jenny dearly) and seeing all the cousins, and Luuk's family (probably meeting my family for the first time - yay!). it shall be wonderful. and they have a pool, which is always sent by angels up there in the summer - can be stinking hot. and we'll probably be whining about it. sheesh.

other things that are getting better...

things are getting normal with luuk, but i'm still blown away, probably 4 or 5 days of 7, at how incredible he is and how incredibly blessed i am. am somewhat in awe today. not because of anything said or done... just because. which feels like a good enough reason.

8 minutes till i've finished work for the day. off to home group. we're reading through luke - nice and refreshing - no questions, just discussing it as we go. and easy to follow, generally, which is always a bonus when you study from 9am-2.30 and work from 3-8. concentration is a big ask thursday nights.


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