Tuesday, May 30, 2006

officially assertive

rather proud of myself. had offered (partly out of niceness, partly greasing, partly just spineless) to do some training this week (m/w/f) for job i start next week. however, have to meet with prof.s tomorrow and need more time to prep, so called new boss thismorning and said i'd see her friday (although i was politer). very assertive, and now i have all this glorious time. well, 3 1/2 hours. want to walk to Untouched World for coffee (and for walk) so that will take an hour or so. but waiting for cleaning lady to arrive.

sigh, used to be me. life is good.

sheesh, it's freaking cold. high of 9 or something ridiculous today. brrr, i used to live in a place where that was a mean low.

anyway, on with the studies, so conscientous - strangely disconcerting feeling.


Monday, May 29, 2006

another diversion from study

yes, i should be working on my studies for meeting with prof.s on thursday, but i figure, if i do all the things that could possibly distract, there'll be nothing left to distract me ;)

so, pretty much awesome weekend (and did get some study done, oddly enough)

thursday, despite car accident and medical for new job, was well ressurrected by an about perfect evening out. saw 'rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead' at the court theatre, then to dinner at the dux. all was mmmmm, including luuk's stories of worse car accidents that cheered me up, along with the woman in the wheelchair at the medical: i really don't have it all that bad.

friday, ordinary in many ways: prep for navs study next week, morning at untouched world, books, coffee, books, coffee with evans, then to work. work was alright, except i let it run overtime which i never do. i'm a little behind my game this week. not eating well or sleeping at reasonable hour may account for some of this... hm. evening was a combination of origami, frozen yoghurt and... shall we call it 'deconstructed movies' - lots of wee bits of movies, never a whole one. and several pisstakes.

saturday started about as well as they do: big breakfast (despite not finishing all my rasberries, a strange twist) at untouched world and excellent (on par) coffee care of my lovely sister. then went to '8 below' - a film about antarctica and huskies - which was better than expected but not really worth writing home about (altho, it made it to my blog...). afternoon was easily filled with brighton, photos, lunch, sumner, photos, and then trying to recover photos from questionable memory card. my hero ;)
went to see 'spoonface steilburg' at the court theatre (at least it think that was the title) with hannah the actress. dropped her home and had awesome conversation. considering moving into the spare room in their flat. decided i'll be a better friend. more supportive, less... cynical. in fact, in general, less cynical might be a good idea.
then to lindsey and rich's for the last foggy minutes of the rugby, where the worst team won on the day. but at least we didn't have to watch it. could be a conspiracy in fact: the canes won and the one-eyed cantabs knew it was coming, ordered fog (from the manufacturers at wellington airport) to hide it.

if i have any cantabrian subscribers then i'm getting loads of replies.. watch this space

went dancing afterward, which was loads of fun. Got less creeped out than usual by dodgy guys and enjoyed watching a possibly dodgy guy get 'violated' by a probably-pissed girl. sucked at pool as much as usual, possibly more so as somewhat... distracted.

sunday morning walked to church, which is something i really enjoy, then after church had scrummy lunch at lindsey and rich's. ian bought their playstation 2 (which i think my parents are already beginning to resent) and borrowed games (which may well be returned sooner than planned). then spent afternoon studying and doing next navs study, nice and cozy and warm ;)

luuk came for dinner (which i ate all of - only four days! wondered how long that would last...) then we went to visit his mate in hospital and got a fantastic description of how to insert a catheter - i love medical stuff - tho the boys may have enjoyed it less... also watched a wee bit of pirates of the carribean, teased mark as much as was naturally required, and luuk took 27 minutes to do a sudoku. got a wee bit more study done at home before i burned out.

today was blah: training for new job for the morning then attempted to lift my spirits with a wander through borders - got cookbook of soups, very exciting, and second 'lion boy' book! so excited. will be my reward for preparing for thursday. had lunch with andrea which was great - and planned to do something on the weekend. don't see enough of her but sounds a bit like her job is sabotaging her existence... anyone want to offer one of the most brilliant people i know a full time, well paid job? she'll make anything worth reading.

afternoon at work was uneventful. last day at bamford school, then picked up mum and am about to eat dinner and study... until the double gray's anatomy episode is on. there are limits to my conscientiousness.

surprise surprise

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

2 weeks of silence

but for good reasons for a change. no burglaries, nothing like that...

so, left my job - well, one of them at first. plan was to just keep doing after school program and actually have time to do studies - you know, the reason i'm working this year, so i can study part time. good move as profs are losing faith in me.

after telling them i was leaving (2 weeks notice) i got a random call from a job agency i applied with at the beginning of the year - the one that tested me, told me i was wonderful, could type and think at remarkable speeds, but couldn't get me a job. sigh. they had an interview for me tho! so didn't think i'd take it, even if i was offered it, but went to interview anyway.

much better pay, 28 hours a week, so a step up from after school clubs (Tho perhaps not as fun). and it sounds fun, tho challenging, and a bit crazy. so perfect! and more time than i'm used to for study, so heaps! (by comparison)

start there in a couple of weeks, so just finishing up one job, looking forward to another... life plods on. only it's been less blah lately. people make all the difference i have discovered. i think i isolate myself somehow but i need people. i sat down for some time out a couple of weeks ago and wrote down what i wanted and needed - what i'd like to see happen in my spiritual life, and in a couple of important friendships. feel much more focussed, though little has really changed there. but eversince, i've been growing closer to people - one of the two i focussed on during my time out - and a couple of others.

work and study and all that jazz are important but they're not the point. i probably couldn't keep doing any of that jazz without people around me to love and be loved by. fluffy, i know, very hallmark but there you go. so if you're one of those people,

thank you

i need you.

it's late, tho that's probably obvious in how uninhibited this is. i'm watching gray's anatomy after navs so i'm past it in pretty much every way. and now i'm going to bed. confession over.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

there goes the rainforest

and it's not even recycled paper. but, it will be, in a few months, when i'm done researching it. just printed obscene amount off line for curriculum research. feel rather conscientious for steps toward doing research, enough to forget that i haven't actually read any of it yet. and have to get that jamie bellich history too. better search for that.

anyhoo, that was dull. weekend has been... productive but not particularly lazy as i had hoped. another whole five days till i get another one too. i used to be so happy-go-lucky and excited, even for a monday. only friday, saturday and sunday really do it for me at the mo. whine whine whine, i know.

so, sunday afternoon now, as the weekend goes downhill toward another busy week. going to drown my sorrows with a cup of tea and a movie at andrea's. then home for ten minutes or so and out to dinner with a friend i haven't seen in eons. joy! and she's off to usa in a week or two, to continue our trend... we take turns, you see.

so many things to do this week and next - hope i get to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (on at Court Theatre alternate nights this week, see previous begging for gentleman to accompany...) and then there's the human rights film festival which i'll miss a lot of as our small group will be in hamner saturday and sunday. got the flyer today - some sound so good and challenging. i can still do wed, thurs and friday i guess. not a real good excuse to miss work though... gr.

back to work then. for a few mins, then to andrea's!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

icky poo, how'd you do?

i like to rhyme. its so fulfilling.
work and study, however, is not, particularly. i'm bored. and sick and tired and overbusy, methinks. and need to go bathroom so this should be short.

got myself a 21st present: huge photographic book of africa and her animals. maked down to $20 cuz the cover slip was a bit roughed up.

joy of joys.