Sunday, November 05, 2006

ho finito

i have finished university.
handed in final paper last wednesday
assuming i passed of course...

no, not even considering that. i HAVE finished university. i'm a workin girl :)

who is tired and wants to sleep. but also wants to tidy upstairs so i can paint tomorrow. actually, mostly want luuk as he was away over the weekend, got back thismorning and is still at work so i haven't seen him.


but i will in 2 hours


oh, the stories that could be told interspersed with emoticons.

now that final paper is completed, new projects are;
1. WEDDING PLANNING - firstly, finding a venue, then all the rest of it... not enough room here and i have tidying/sleeping/luuk to do.
2. PAINTING - because i'm poor/saving for married life/like to think i'm an artist, am giving everyone paintings for christmas.
4. WRITING AGAIN - mainly for fun and frivolity, and for bonding with andrea. but who needs a reason!

thats all darlings
(saw breakfast at tiffany's with andrea on saturday and 'darling' has been well used ever since. you understand of course darling.)