Friday, February 23, 2007


in 2 weeks, dear blog-deprived reader, i will be having me feet and hands pampered, my back massaged, and probably a coffee and pastry at the village bakehouse, with my mum, mother-in-law to be, sister-in-law to be, sister, maid of honour, etc. i imagine my mind will be reeling with disbelief and joy.
2 weeks tomorrow i am marrying luuk. a year ago i was tentatively hoping he'd be at bbqs i went to (yeah, the weather was much better last summer eh...), checking his blog fairly frequently (back when he posted frequently - though he did post last night... about his operating system boot process), and getting on with life and job hunting, not a vague clue that in a year i'd be marrying him.

hence the mind reeling disbelief and joy.
ah, i love him. even as he toys with the operating system on my laptop and i type away on his (now working smooth as sweet and condensed milk).

now he knows i'm writing about him so here's an end.