Saturday, March 19, 2005

the difference an hour makes

this end of daylight savings is just fine by me. john would argue it for an hour because he wants light evenings. but he's a lone ranger on this one. an extra hour of sleep is such a beautiful thing. especially when you don't get a start on it till the small hours. so much for wisdom coming with age. the older i get the more stupid and shortsighted i become, methinks. i've been manically tired lately and so what do i do? find plenty of evening activities to keep me from early nights. or i just watch tv. which is rather good on friday nights i must add. almost rolled off the couch a couple of weeks ago watching 8 simple rules.

anyway... major events since the last time i did this. that's quite a long time. well over 2 months. that's a slacker-record, even for me. since january 12:

finished summer school February 10. passed everything and that's what matters. will inevitably forget most of it.

went to auckland for holiday February 10. after final exam in morning. picked up by Jo after small game of cell-phone tag in airport - not as fun when carrying heavy suitcase. she looked after me for a few days. even took me to Totara Springs on Saturday - after minor shopping detour to the Otara Markets - now my favourite market in the world. and i've lived in Hong Kong. The Springs were wonderful. Senior grotto quite empty - good thing i jumped from bridge not cliff. got out pretty quick as boys were rebuilding dam to combat shallow water problem. but boys throwing concrete blocks around isn't so appealing so went back up to camp and debated destiny church for half an hour. served dinner. ate dinner. fled. listened to more barenakedladies (legends that they are) with Jo all the way back to auckland. she knows more of the lyrics than i do. it's a sickness.
Jo's church - what are the chances? - is an offshoot of my old church. so that was delighfully de-ja-vu-ish... familiar faces - well, about five of them.
went to the Phyns that night - we lived next door to them for about 8 years - from when i was 2. lots of fun catching up and watching vids and hanging with louise and her buddies for anti-valentines day celebration. it has to be done. (on that note, don't know why last posting is called what it's called but i can guess)
enjoyed many long sleepy days. caught up with anna and went to borders in town to peruse books and, lets be honest, for coffee. it's the driving force behind my entire existance. no it's not. really. not.

lunch with cam on wednesday. went to 'star sign cafe' where all the staff are deaf. very cool. have to point to what you want on menu. or sign if you can. i can't. couldn't even remember 'thankyou'.
went to hill's that evening. her bible study group was that night so met up with a whole bunch of her mates, half of which i've met before and forgotten names.
thursday went for breakfast at newmarket with ayley's lovely scottish brother. did a quick dash around the museam before giving him very bad directions (sorry jaime) to bus stops and going for lunch with grandparents at st lukes. they go every thursday. at 12noon. exactly.
spent afternoon with them. had long sleep in spare room then back to hill's for dinner and lazy night in. friday i got a full body massage at this sports clinic place on dominion road. [groaning with pleasure]

excuse me.

then i accidentally found myself in a secondhand book shop. and accidentally walked out with half a dozen books. mooched around at hill's for afternoon. watched sense and sensibility. again. and emma thompson's oscar speech is on the dvd extra features. classic. she's a legend she is.

friday night did mission bay with hillary and co. and joe (as in joe martin, recently departed christchurch for his true home) came too (tho got a little lost on the way). did drinks then icecreams then beach-walking. joe scadatteled (is that a word? really?) and the rest of us had chai tea (ponsy as it comes) at one of hill's mate's houses. then home to bedfordshire. or back to hill's to sofa to be precise.

saturday was shopping and then lunch with cousin margaret (all the way in te atatu. it's a really long way). saturday night was symphony under the stars with joe and his flatties - joseph and the ladies... much chocolate and lollies and classical music and back massages (using light sticks in creative ways) and laser light shows and don't forget the fireworks and canons. best i've ever seen to be honest. could hardly hear the 1812 overture for the banging.

sunday went to church with phyns. lutherin is quite different. enjoyed it and had big lunch afterward cause they have a new pastor. must have slept most of the afternoon as don't remember much. read two marion keyes books. involves the same amount of intellect. also watched ghost and strictly ballroom at some point. three men and a baby was my movie for monday but missed the end as had to go to airport.

oh, and finally had wendy's hamburgers on monday afternoon with catherine phyn (who i hadn't seen in eons. that was cool)

flew back to chch, in new clothes of course. i have a compulsion. must wear new clothes as soon as they're paid for.

started lectures the next day (tuesday). was supposed to start monday but it's my last semester... excuses excuses, what a rebel.

have been doing uni and yroc (youth group) and working for kate eversince - well until last week. left job at kate's and now work for Airways. i do 'wellington flow'. i'm the horrible person who delays flights into wellington. but i have good reason. trust me. i know, that's what they all say. don't hate me. i'm nice really. and they pay me really well. it's not like i've sold my soul to the devil. just... sort of

it's better to be delayed on the ground the circling in a hold above wellington (badly designed airport), attempting dodgy landings on a runway inbetween two hills when the cloud is below circling (kind of hard to explain term - but not a good thing)

okay, now i sound defensive. o man.

new topic. navs. yay after two years of going most of the time i finally feel a part of things. not sure what changed. but yay! and cam's 21st was last night. happy birthday cam. (different cam from 'star sign cafe' in auckland) anyway. navs camp was great! did a talk and didn't completely botch it and discussion afterward was pretty cool - lots of ppl bringing up lots of different things.

cleaning up was the only beast. you'd think i'd be immune to camp cleaning but it was hot and i was tired. my attitude was truly sucky. not my finest hour. for me or the mop.

wish i'd stayed in bed for my extra hour of sleep. need to leave soon if i don't want to be late for church. and need coffee before i go. really, need it. wish i didn't. but there are worse things i could be addicted to.

blah. should get lots of sleep this week in preparation for eastercamp. or else i'll die