Tuesday, May 03, 2005

everything is finishing

i will list the things that will end soon

yroc (for me)
both novels i've been working on
working at airways - for the moment anyway
unjustified amount of affection for certain ex.
curly hair style
frivolous use of my money
frivolous use of my time
eight years of no injections (blood tests aside)
longest airplane flight of 11 hours
longest time away from home 2 1/2 months
hotest temperature i've been in as 35 C.

i'm sure i could come up with more but we'll leave it there. for your sake and mine. but i will explain most of those. and leave out the only one that causes burning questions. i finish my degree in 6 weeks. i leave for africa in 2 months and will no longer be running youth group when i return. andrea and i have almost finished our novel and my own needs just one more edit. i won't be able to work at airways while in zambia (would need big travel allowance and i just don't like my job quite that much. my perm is wearing off (and my sister bought me a straightener for my bday). i can't afford to buy real coffee out cuz i'm saving for africa. clothes, shoes, presents, etc. also in that category. don't have time to do much more than uni, yroc and work without completely ignoring my friends and my health. havn't had immunisations since form1 but will have dozens before i leave. only long airplane flight was to hong kong - 11 hrs long. longest i've been away from home was totara springs last summer for 2 1/2 months. will be in africa for 3. hotest temp i've been in was in hong kong and africa might do something crazy - crazy by my definition anyway. i'll survive as long as it's not high humidity. then i'll die