Monday, January 30, 2006

photos of january

new years day - afternoon at sumner with hannah g and parents... and goody goody gum drops icecream... (nz only)

hannah and krista in their backyard - lotsa hanging with hannah and flatties in first couple of weeks back - and went to see them all in Oliver!

went up to auckland - grandparents 80th birthday, then family holiday

mum and dad at mission bay - rangitoto in the background...

the whanau on the ferry over to devonport

the view of auckland city from devonport

matapouri... the real holiday - nice beach up north from whangarei, no cell phone reception and only shop is a versatile dairy/fishnchip shop... go the kiwi bach holiday

matapouri dusk

matapouri during the day: my view - sunblock, books and more books. few swims between sunsoaking sessions

ian and i making shadows on the road... enroute to get icecreams at the dairy

the boys and the barbie

the skytower from the base of the crown plaza at 5.30 am - during the fire alarm... sigh. good times.

hannah's morning green tea...

and... parachute!

the boys soaking up the rays

the mainstage (is that dust or smoke?)

hannah and me during sunday evening concerts at mainstage:

fuel pre: delirious? sunday night. mmm. (from left: hannah, rachel, luuk, eoin, calvin)


monday before morning meating. luuk went back to sleep...

me and hannah

the nav-ites

the crowd
the end

Monday, January 23, 2006

january in review

have been gloriously slack at this. but i have a good excuse for a change - i haven't been able to get internet on my computer for a couple of weeks. Using grandma and grandpa's computer and the whole screen looks different. all the words i type are in caps and all the normal buttons are not loaded properly and just have picture space-holders and words. kind of weird but it would probably take forever for them to load considering i'm using dial up of the most ancient variety and i'm typing letters ahead of what i see and keep deleting too much when i make mistakes. ah, broadband, my dear friend.

anyhoo, been up in auckland for 10 days or so now. had grandparent's 80th birthday party last weekend and a very relaxed few days of the week - mainly read and shopped... then headed up north to matapouri beach and lived the life i was born to live for 4 days. beach, burn, books, good food, old family friends, walking, coffee, a few bug bites and stripes of sore skin. ah, the joys of sumer. as long as my scalp doesn't peel then all is well in the world. my little world. very selfinvolved. consider yourself warned - enter at your own risk.

i hope this doesn't show in caps. it's awful.

looks like i'm yelling everything.

returned from the beach brown and sleepy from a very long game of trivial pusuit... spent a couple of nights at flash hotel as hadn't booked early anyplace and started looking at 7pm ish that night. well done. woke up first morning at 5.30 with fire alarm. whole hotel piled out onto the street in various states of undress... very amusing. whole family found sudden need to use bathroom. excellent timing, but wouldn't be talked into walking down to waterfront esquires coffee place open24/7. got back up to room an hour later, watched a league of extraordinary gentelemen and went to breakfast in overpriced hotel restuarant. then church at ABC - our old church - as we did the previous sunday. wonderful catch-up sessions. last week had lunch with the prewitts, this week, at circus circus in mt eden with the griggs. hannah and i were flower girls at their wedding - they babysat us before they got married and even took us to the first movie we ever saw at the cinema - aladin! they now have two gourgous kids. so fun!

afternoon with grandparents but fell asleep in spare room. everyone was tired so returned to hotel for nap - i'd used up all my sleeping-hormone so went to gym and sauna... sigh... then hannah and ian and i walked up to nandoes for dinner and mum and dad went to some fancy restuarant for their wedding anniversary. 23! good on 'em.

yesterday mum, dad and ian flew home to chch and hannah and i relocated to the phyns - old neighbours who were at the beach too - and have been reading and watching old vicar of dibley ever since. except for interlude to see king kong last night and today's excursion to st lukes for lunch with the grandparents.

bussing down to te awamutu tomorrow to stay with nana a couple of nights before parachute. then parachute! finally.

its raining as it must in auckland so probably movies tonight as well. loving the holidays and must milk it while it lasts as bank is insisting i get gainful employment as soon as i get home. couple of interviews pencilled in. one in a law firm. just like ally mcbeal. well... i'll definately add a little crazy to the potion and the gloss might last a couple of weeks.

shall go be agreeable and social as don't see grandparents much. signing off