Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Amanda would hate this photo but what she dont know...
so this must be on the way out of Laramie.

Jill and Tina say 'hey'
slightly further out of laramie

copping z's in the back seat - until i woke her up with my flash. wish i looked like that when i woke up first thing!

scrapbooking with real, live sorrority girls

welcome to the country! do you see what i mean about clark kent's family farm. i can just imagine that there's kryptonite buried under there...

happy birthday jill!

movies and studying... oh the life
morning after muffins!

Monday, September 26, 2005

girs weekend away

so fun! spent weekend at wheatland, wy, in someones house (we took over), except for my short stint of walking around the farm. until i found a cow carcass. well, i got about 5 m away and it looked like a bear (still had skin - as far as i could see) so i thought, hm, they're meant to be dangerous, and quite fast, so i backed off and walked around the otherside, peered through the gate and lo'&behold. it's a dead cow.

anyway, spend most of weekend, studying while watching movies between meals. had a great bible study time on saturday afternoon and a bonfire and smores on saturday night. took some fun photos as the barn looks like the one from clark's parents house in lois and clark...

which will arrive in the mail in a day or two! yay! season one of lois and clark! its like christmas. if only i had a dvd player - oh wait, i'm getting a lap top (for study purposes primarily but theres nothing wrong with a little multi-tasking).

Will go down to shops and compare computer prices/specs etc. and hopefully get an explanation for my silly phone. i lost over half my credit when i changed my number. but my original number wasn't in my phone so i had to. and i still don't understand why i lost my credit. so there! silly man at radioshack. grr.

will have photos from weekend up soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

so the orange juice tap at breakfast was being contrary and hardly put any water in and i'm going to be tasting orange all day. could be worse i guess. or better - like that chocolaty after taste from baileys... mmm

if i were at home id be so proud of myself - fourth consecutive week of consistently going to the gym four or five times a week! i was chuffed at the end of week two. now im starting to get discouraged - you know, not looking very bikini model yet. now, i knew that i wouldnt be lean and mean immediately but i've worked hard man. guys have it so much easier. and they look better with a little chub. i don't actually want to look totally bikini model (god made curves for a reason...) but as that's unlikely i'll just keep going the way im going and might at least be buff by the time i get home. And then i can buy little heels to celebrate and they make my legs look nice. and yay! new heels and nice legs. no ones complaining.

alright, shallow conversation over. icky week for all here in the big US of A, in the little Laramie of Wyoming. Well, the cowboys won but other than that... my poor roommate lost an entire roll of film and her computer lost five pages of essay before she saved it. i gave her LOTS of hot chocolate. well, not much water in there but LOTS of powder. and then made up things that would be fun to write in an essay just to make your teacher laugh, or scowl... of fail you. but fun to speculate about. my week hasn't been quite THAT bad. but heaps to do. spent all monday preparing for Africa Since 1800 class that evening - prepared presentation, did reading, and weren't called on to present so wasted time... but wasn't that well prepared so perhaps a blessing in disguise. rats, i was trying to be negative. okay, so yesterday spent entire day reading frustrating but insightful book - historiography of America called The End of American History and wrote notes so i might retain some of what i read. Then possibly made idiot of self in class speculating about how America has this ideo of 'manifest destiny' - that they're god's chosen ppl blah blah blah - and it's interesting that NZ has nothing like that even though it too was basically colonized by missionaries and is a faily new nation... Turns out i didn't even know when NZ got independence! Embarrassing. And before the treaty of waitangi, it turns out.

Ah well, picked up stacks of book for same class so i can prepare for next week as its my turn to write a paper and lead the discussion. Help! Going away for weekend! When am i supposed to do that exactly? today?

Can't. Have 5 page paper due tomorrow - describing a toy with almost ridiculous detail for Material Culture. Kind of fun, in a weird masochistic kind of way, kind of like learning italian for fun at summer school when you don't even need the points for your degree. Woohoo.

So, in response to pressures of life... i bought sense and sensibility on dvd and its in the mail. and i booked a 1/2 hour massage at the health centre on friday. and i bid on season 1 dvds of lois and clark. mmm... superman is rather nice.

and today i'm going to be uberproductive and write whole paper, concise and brilliant, exposing the proffessor to my simmering genius, then look up this computer i'm looking at buying to check out prices and find out if the radio shack guy was yanking my chain. i wouldn't put it past him. so busy flirting he didn't load my cellphone right and i had to figure it out myself. good thing i am a genius. but he didn't know that. boys eh? maybe i shouldn't buy the computer on principle. but if it really is $400 cheaper then principles schminciples i'm afraid.

so, off to start on the conscientious plan. and make coffee. and pluck eyebrows. and too much information.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

try this instead

grr. blurry compoopers.

photos on other page

not much more to report since last post (sure i'll think of something but important things first) - my photos are on another page as i am technologically incompetent (sp?) so... www.travelpost.com/travel/sunburntdaisy/
should do the trick. if not comment and complain and i'll check the url. i could do it now but i have more important things to do. like deciding who to vote for, finding some lunch...

yay! photos successful! i speck good england. i have degree of england. wat duz dat saye aboot values of BAs?

my work is done [evil laff]

Sunday, September 04, 2005

cowboy country

have been inducted into american society, as terrifying as that thought is. yesterday i went to a football party, drank root beer (ick), ate chips and buffalo wings, and had the rules of american football explained several times between cheers for the wyoming cowboys. that's actually the name of this college's football team.

other american experiences - first visit to walmart, first dr. pepper (not bad - forrest gump has good taste), first box of milk duds, ate buffalo meat, um, thats all i can think of. anyway, have been living in the dorms for a week now and so far loving it. very... american. surprise surprise.

but having a great time, meeting screeds of new people. today was very cool. went to church thismorning with amanda (2 doors down on my floor) and they were talking about the vision of the church and all these opportunities there are to help out with things - definitely a good sign in a church and in my current cynical-about-churches-in-general phase its great that their vision is on the table the first week i'm there. and they're sending a team of ppl down to texas to help with all the displaced people after hurricane katrina. so i'm considering signing up for that - i mean after africa i'm well prepared for long road trips and poverty issues. anyway, not sure yet, but considering it. they don't go for 3 more weeks so plenty of time to decide. after church we had lunch with a whole bunch of other students then went off to play volleyball for the afternoon. so much fun. so thirsty tho. came back and bought ice lemon tea (same price as a pepsi! and so much better!) then showered and got myself decent (as much as ever) for dinner. then finished reading my text book (yay!) and then descended to the basement to do emails etc. and this. and read this old story i wrote. very sweet, vaguely cheesy romance.

and tomorrow is a holiday! yay. labour day. so good chance for sleeping and reading and more computer stuff (might even look at that novel i just downloaded onto my file - haven't touched it in months - probably forgotten main character's name - should be interesting) and plenty of movies and food... oh and the gym.

account of scotland is coming soon. probably. but not now. may ascend to my room and watch a movie with my roommate noelle. lovely, slightly vampirish (tho vegetarian) girl. she's a sweety really, just likes odd music (some of which is very cool, other stuff is just plain terrifying) and darkness - so when i open the shutters they're always shut when i get back. hehe.

anyway, tata