Friday, April 28, 2006

bloody theives

i finally have a good excuse for never updating... my laptop was stolen. and the screen of our family computer - so not internet access, though a perfectly good cpu and modem sit on the desk where i'd love to be doing this. instead i am in the cold amst honours office on a saturday, with a sore throat and an empty stomach. but good news - the university has recognised the work i did in the US and i'll have an honours degree as well as extra debt at the end of the year - which is better than just the debt on its own.

since being burgled ten days ago, i've had a digustingly productive time of it. no computer or frivolous fiction writing, to distract, i've either worked or studied. am well on my way to my professor's mini-deadline of next thursday and a few baby steps toward financial (freedom is the wrong word) guiltlessness.

unfortunately still fighting a frightfully resiliant cold that pops back every weekend. standing in the rain at the dawn parade on tuesday probably didn't help, nor did going out dancing in the cold, dark and wet on thursday night, fun as it was. you can't be wise all the time. plus, illness is an excellent excuse to drink lemon and honey (add lime too if needing consolation) drinks and watch the latest harry potter my brother bought while in te awamutu last week. yay for him.

ick, sore throat. and hungry tummy. want soup. will check bank balance and maybe go to untouched world. naughty amy.

hehe, that's me!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

no study, all work and play

makes amy a happy girl.

spent my weekend doing absolutely no study whatsoever. it's terrible really because i get very little done during the week (working basically 9-5 each day), but i find it hard to care too much. due dates are far too far away except for that wee history essay next week, or is it the one after?

friday night was spent with hannah and cam: burger king, north beach and the three musketeers in bed with hannah to finish off with.

saturday was all hard work and carsenigenics (sp?). i cleaned for five hours at a friends truly filthy flat. the things i'll do for cold, hard cash eh? well, havn't got the cash yet but am babysitting tonight so might get it then... and can finally buy hannah her birthday present (a month after her birthday).

saturday night went to will's 21st for about half an hour then picked up chocolate and bridget jones 2, drove to tash's and consumed both with much enthusiasm.

sunday was great. walked to ilam baptist, was on time (rare and wonderful), after church a troup of rebels raided countdown for supplies and continued on our travels to consume our takings and play a ruthless game of psychiatrist (which i totally didn't get for the whole while, then figured out before my co-psychiatrist! definitely worthy of gloating). short walk in the rain and hot cup of coffee before watching casablanca with Luuk and Eoin (weird name-spelling club). enjoyed it much more than the last time i watched it. Wasn't so disappointed with the ending but Luuk's frequently voiced frustration with Elsa may have swayed my sympathies away from her, and certainly made it more entertaining.

dinner had gone on without me at home so with hunger threatening i offered to cook for food. only i didn't really have time to eat it as Evans picked me up for the nasda review dress rehearsal. not bad at all and really enjoy those show tunes, i do. then back to Luuk's for desert. icecream. and a conversation about sci fi. ah, over-tiredness, my old friend. you bring out the slightly-odd in all of us.

not too late a night in the end and getting up wasn't too much of a beast thismorning. crazy morning at homehelp job - sick kid and exhausted mum. followed by easy afternoon at girls club - mostly colouring in. basically therapy.

had enough energy to even make tea at home - chicken drumsticks in stacks of tomato, garlic and oregano. mmm, so hungry. better go check it.