Wednesday, November 16, 2005

DC photos

i wrote the saga of my visit to DC ages ago but here are the pictures. enjoy!

french food on friday with friends. mmm, mussels. they are my friends. though i think maybe they don't feel the same way as i tend to eat them. with passion and gusto. but i doubt they appreciate it muchly.
the backside of that building - you know the one
oh, i forget what its called.
i am free, the whitehouse however, seems to be behind bars.
creative name... smithsonian castle
welcome to the smithsonian museam of air and space.

alright, how did they get that in the door?

no shortage of planes here. one of the many HUGE displays
oh, cool plane. i want one.
things to do before meals. not after
red goes faster... good choice amelia
the wright brothers. the guys with the plane. yeah, you know...
me, lake, capitol...
nice view from the capitol steps down the mall to the washington monument.
me and lisa outside capitol building
library of congress (above) and supreme court (below)
seriously, how did they pick which one got to be called 'the white house'???
on the steps of the supreme court
nice ceiling.
hiding behind the pillars. ooh, shneaky

big grandios entrance hall to supreme court, looking toward entranceway.
the actual supreme court. huh! weird

foyer of rennaissance hotel, dc, rather fancy really. evil starbucks in teh background. weird autumn/halloween display in the foreground. conference was held in basement levels 1 and 2 - so it felt like a covert underground rebellion. especially when someone put up a HUGE american flag with the white lines in camouflage. hehe. i laughed out loud.

Back End of DC

Back Alleys of Captiol Hill tour... oh, i have dozens of pictures but they'll only be interesting to people who like architecture and i intend to turn some of them into paintings. Very interesting tour though - all about life in DC ages ago - rich ppl on the road, poor in the alleys, etc. Included seeing a few famous ppls' houses, including frederick douglas. Ended at east city market. Met a fellow kiwi. Was invited to allblacks private party. Had to say no. Will never totally recover. But got a free necklace from the kiwi girl.

up close and personal with the washington monument.
the world war two memorial. they really like fountains in DC
Me and the lincoln memorial in the background, beside the lake that jenny runs through to meet forrest in forrest gump. Ah... sigh
Reflecting pool, see above for narrative, and washington monument in background.
Oh dear Lord. What has come of the world? I guess free speech gives people the right to parade their ignorance in whatever form they so prefer. Rats.
Lincoln memorial. I had all these great ideas of shaking his hand or sitting in his lap. but no can do. Nice scaffolding though.
View from lincoln memorial - reflecting pool, washington monument and way in the distance, beyond monument is the capital building. White house is in the bushes on the left, slightly further than the monument.



And that's all i have to say about that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

photos from navs retreat:

Navs retreat was a few weeks back now but i'm so behind on this thing - the internet connection in my room is a tad bogus - so here they are now! Enjoy our silliness. we did.

me, chelsea, amanda, joanna

see above for names - those two are dangerous. its not just a farce

tina, chelsea, amanda and joanna (on the ground)

driving through the rockies in the dark - kinda fun.

eastes park ymca - main hall

pretty rocky mountains

where everyone came from and went back to...

shopping in estes park - the township

hat shopping

really? in a hat shop? weird americans. but good chance to survive seeing a buffalo up close and personal

while waiting for the evening's entertaiment - minor massage sessions are totally called for

no such thing as too much enthusiasm for a hot drink... go matt

on the back of the truck. tina's about to lose it.

yummy pizza place, satisfied bellies, weird things to do with bbq sauce (john, joanna and derek)

stupid is as stupid does - me and terri

PIZZA! - todd and sean and some guy and paul