Thursday, March 30, 2006

once in a lifetime opportunity

alright gentlemen, step up to the plate. the charm of being invited to the theatre by the cast has worn off and i am truly tired of going to plays and musicals on me own. promise i'll be a great date. i won't wear too much make up, i'll put my hair down and wear a skirt and heels, the whole enchilada, i'll let you drive, open doors, pull out chairs, whatever you fancy. Beauty and the Beast will be sold out in no time and i can't miss it, but i also can't bring myself to buy one ticket, once again. the lucky gentleman might even get to meet the feather duster, a broom and a couple of villagers after the show.

please don't let chivalry be completely dead. i'll be so disappointed.

ps. excellent opportunity for those with thoroughly bruised hearts as i'm not likely to turn you down (unless you're a total stranger, in which case, please don't ask, you'll creep me out)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


zonk is a game the kids love at kidscamps but i'm zonked in the considerably less energetic sense. sheesh. started home-helping early today. finished early (but by a smaller margin than i started, go figure) and used spare time to shop. now have amazing fluffy slippers that i love dearly and a much more figure hugging, quality, expensive wool v-neck. rather lovely if i do say so myself. though the cute shoes (last month's visit to no1 shoe warehouse...) get many more comments. even from random lady beside me at theatre thisevening. went to see 'happy coupling' at court theatre. i thought it was brilliant, very funny, and not all stupidly crude. just crudely funny. but too funny to really notice. or maybe i'm just that sick and don't notice any more... anyhoo, have decided ross and co. at the court are in fact geniuses. completely nuts, of course. but bloody brilliant.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

drowing in a pool of overcomitment

i think i may be overcomitted. 29 hours a week between 2 jobs plus (supposedly) 20 h0urs a week of uni work is something i just can't see as maintainable. perhaps i have what it takes (or might be able to stretch to it with a whole bundle of prayer and support and all the rest) and simply underestimate myself/god/friends/family. or perhaps i really am just that foolish.

a lot of transport between jobs and significant petrol price increases don't add sunshine and daisies to the whole experience.

in the meantime life goes on. painting and writing have vanished into obscurity (or, in other words, the upstairs room i intended for such use but now is storage/spare bedroom) and reading for leisure has been squeezed into toilet breaks and the time between when i arrive at schools for te ropu and when the school bell rings.

the church hunt has slowed as navs camp last weekend. awesome time with bunch of nuts. cave stream, always fun, and plenty of boardgames, a little painting and loads of food. all good things. ilam are all at church camp this weekend so might venture to st christophers or avonhead (never been to their morning service). or sleep in and day of study. no! that's what saturday is for. and david's 'surprise-sort of' birthday party. teehee.

navs is going very well and group seems to be jelling fast despite remarkable variety of ppl. glad leadership isn't very timeconsuming because i want to stay involved but really couldn't commit more than i am now.

should really go to bed but realised this gets neglected when my computer is internet-detached. and ian hooked it up to update my virus protection (cough-downloadmp3sforhisipod-cough) so i thought i'd take the chance.

just got home from flat warming. spent most of evening with same person. but as was tired when arrived, laziness and comfort met on the road and it was just easier to talk to soemone i'm comfortable with. perhaps i shoudnt analyze my motives here for all to reed... speelling is deterioratign. should really stp.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

months and months

i could bore the world with a catch up of months and months - well, about 6 weeks - since i last did this but it would suffice to say that it has been rather uneventful and that's the end of it.

i remain unemployed, only now i am also usually one of the following, disheartened, annoyed, apathetic, etc.

i am studying again (though not this very moment, obviously) and bollocking beurocracy is biting me in my unmentionables. when that's dealt with all will be well though - mainly because i have an office! and that is the highlight of february.

seeing hannah, krista and kinlock in professional oliver! musical was awesome. as was the personal guests and cast-only extra show after the show one night - the nasdas did a pisstake version of oliver! then proceeded to smoke and drink their way through the rest of the evening - well, not all of them. mainly hannah. i was a total theatre tag along but 'happy coupling' (on currently at court theatre) will be even more entertaining when i finally get to it.

the pisstake of oliver!

krista and hannah afterwards.

navs has been another highlight. made it to 4 prayer meetings one week, which was fun, and navs retreat (possibly the last time i posted) was great. got me all revved up for the year. small groups start next tuesday and lynton, ash and i are leading one. have to plan our first fun night so that they'll all be uber glad they got put in our group.

coffee break at navs retreat

michelle and luuk and pretty scenery

flying mark. those poor camp mattresses. what did they ever do to deserve this. someone somewhere has a pic of me like this, with my hair flying higher than the rest of me...

on the way back to christchurch, amateur panel beating...

also a minor camp to plan in near future. should check the minutes from retreat and see who else put their name down... since it's two weeks away. also - hannah's birthday that weekend. so, mother of all parties, probably.

started planning my 21st. not a fun job. i should not be a party planner - especially for parties for me. but now that hannah g has pulled out of beauty and the beast that's one more of my few close friends that can actually come to my birthday dinner. then gonna have a bbq the friday beforehand for anyone and everyone. or so says the current plan. dunno what i'm getting. my suggestions were a flying lesson or a hot air balloon ride. either would be awesome.

good news of the weekend is that i have 3 interviews in the next 2 days. and tutoring should be up soon. cashflow must be nice. meanwhile i've managed to use up all my paint (only can't afford to buy more, but must have been vaguely productive. if only ppl actually wanted to buy the results) and written plenty. kept on top of reading for history paper - better than expected really.
my paintings:infinite possibilities, i named this, no bids... grr, so trademe is not the most wonderful place on earth afterall

and the creative name for this one, tho no bids, is 'hong kong series'. i'll be an artist yet!